We Must Stop the Islamization of America


“Any “Religion” thats holy book or book of directives, commands its followers to commit crimes that are against the laws of this country, then that “religion” should lose its tax exempt religious status, be re-classified a terrorist organization and be banned from practice in the United States.”- JAN MORGAN

I realize the above statement is strong and may be offensive muslims and muslim sympathizers, however, I ask for a little sympathy for the 270 million innocent people muslims have murdered in the 14 hundred year history of Islam…
I ask for a little sympathy for the people who died or were critically injured in the 20 thousand deadly terror attacks committed by muslims since 9/11.

The muslims who are committing these barbaric acts of violence against innocent people are not RADICAL EXTREMISTS… I wish the network anchors would get an education and stop calling terrorists, ‘radicals’…
To radicalize something, you have to pervert it in order to justify radical behavior..
These terrorists are not radicals. THEY ARE DEVOUT MUSLIMS.. simply following the dictates of their koran.
There are 109 dictates in their koran commanding hate, murder and terror against all people who refuse to submit or convert to Islam… Don’t take my word for it… Read them for yourself at the end of my article… their words.. their holy book.. their manual for terror and murderous behavior.

If the verses I included are not enough to convince you that Islam, by its very nature, it its own words, is evil, then just look at the fruits of that so called ‘religion’ of peace… Its murderous bloody trail through history speaks volumes of TRUTH about Islam.

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