“You People Don’t Know What Freedom Is Because You Never Lost It”


How many times have you heard someone say that they didn’t realize how much they appreciated something after having lost it?  Whether it be losing a person, health, the right to drive, or providing for one’s family, all too often it is only appreciated once it’s been taken away.

Ask a person sitting in a jail or prison cell, about the freedoms they lost when they committed their crimes, were caught, tried and sentenced.  They no longer have the freedom to go and do what they want.  Their lives are controlled by others.  What they eat is controlled by others.  Even their ability to communicate with loved ones is controlled by others.

Now imagine a whole country of people that live like prisoners with the government controlling every aspect of their lives.  That’s what life is like when a nation of people loses their freedoms.  They often don’t realize what’s happened to them until it’s too late.

One of those freedoms that we Americans hold so dear is the freedom to own and bear firearms, given to us by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The battle to preserve that freedom is being waged not only in Washington DC, but in many states throughout the land, including Oregon.

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