California mother forced to pay spousal support to man who raped daughter


A California woman was forced to pay $22,000 in spousal support to her ex-husband, who was convicted of raping her daughter, and is now fighting his efforts to resume the payments.

Carol Abar said her young daughter was raped by Ed Abar for 16 years, and although she filed for divorce when she found out about the assaults, she was forced to pay $1,300 in alimony to her husband per month.

Carol Abar paid her ex-husband until last year, when he struck a plea deal in the criminal case, agreeing to plead guilty to one of five rape charges, according to He was sentenced to more than a year in jail, and the judge temporarily stopped the spousal support.

Now that he is out of jail, Ed Abar has filed to reinstate the payments from the mother of the girl he assaulted.

“Every time I wrote that check, I cried because I felt like I was paying the man that raped my daughter,” Carol Abar told CBS 2. “The judge told me I had no proof. It was my word against him. He had been raping her since she was little. Since I got married to him.”

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  • DISGUSTING! This monster should PAY HER back every penny she ever gave him. He’s admitted to raping the child, now there’s no “his word against hers.” Where’s justice?

    • OriginalMB

      Not only should he be forced to pay back all the money but he should be forced to pay punitive damages to both the daughter and mother as well.

  • Darral

    What did you expect from a Democrat state? Lawless is their trade mark.

  • Makes me sick

  • Jenni

    This is sooo wrong! But it’s California, what do you expect!!!

  • lukebandit

    Satan is riding high on this one. We need to pray for the mother and the daughter. If I was the mother, I would get a life insurance policy out on him to reimburse me and my daughter just incase someone kills him in jail or outside of jail after they find out what he has done. When he dies, the daughter would be his heir and maybe they could get something out of his estate. God bless you and your daughter. God promises in His Word that He will never abandon you nor leave you, Jesus said, even until the End of the World. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    • JGCitygin

      Thank you. Our family did just pray for them when we read this article. It would also be a good and right thing to pray for the man who committed the horrible crime, that he be healed and repentant. Jesus said: ‘Those who are well don’t need a physician, but those who are ailing. He came to call, not the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.’ The only unforgiveable sin is against The Holy Spirit. Those who are forgiven more, love more. Christ also said that.
      Bless you for your comforting words to those poor ladies who are suffering unspeakably.

      • OriginalMB

        Absolutely, they all three need prayers. However, keep in mind, God will not forgive unless he repents. And as he is filing to try and have the payments reinstated, that does not sound like he has any remorse for his actions. For their sakes and souls, they should try and be ready to forgive him if he does ever repent, but they will need to be prepared to move on without it. By preparing to forgive him, they will be able to put it behind them, whether or not he ever realizes his evil.

  • Might be helpful if women were a little more selective in whom they sleep with– it might prevent later subjecting oneself to these loco courts and their mucho loco decisions.

    That being said, I know more than a few men who could be a little more selective in the same way.

  • DawnDale

    Perhaps there should be the death penalty for anyone that does this. That would insure he wouldn’t hurt someone again.

  • What is wrong with our courts! They give more to the convicted party then the one that is the victim so sad! I pray that the next jugde will give this women justice.

  • csh

    What an out rage! The judge should have at least questioned the girl. It could have easily been more than “her word against his”. The judge is incompetent and biased and should not even be sitting on the bench!!!!! He should be sitting in jail with the rapist…. yeah… let him experience himself a little “love” in jail.

  • This is how far /low California has gone.Quite a DISGUSTING ,but what can you expect from a Democrat /Commie State and their ultra Liberal judges.

  • omg…this animal should be dead!!!!!

  • Robert Skilton

    Is sharia law already in California? This is ridiculous!

    • OriginalMB

      Not yet, otherwise the daughter would have either been put in jail or stoned.

  • mallen11

    This is disgusting and another case of male judges taking up for male abuse. We live in a society of sick people and worse courts because people have no concept of right and wrong according to God’s Word — all is relative these days.
    Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

    • JGCitygin

      Yes, it’s very serious nowadays. And it’s gotten worse very quickly. GOD does know what HE’s doing. And HE’s nobody’s fool.

  • Kristin Thomas

    I reiterate, death penalty must be instilled for child molestors and child rapists. Make it a capital crime. These scumsuckers don’t deserve a chance to continue drawing breath.

  • It’s Satan. There is no other explanation. I would change my name and move far far away. I would let them jail me before I’d pay that sicko a dime. She needs to die her hair and run as far away from that pervert as she can.

  • Sadly, her only choice is to stop working and go on welfare or move to another country.

  • I don’t know which is more sickening: the judges that pass these judgments or the lawyers who fight for them.

  • That’s California for ya!

  • bob novak

    Hey anyone in Ca. Take your guns, whats left of them and shoot this sick son of a bitch.

  • California is and has been out of control for a long time. But they can only do so much until they fall flat on their face.

  • That’s CALIFORNIA for you. One messed up state……..Damn liberals…they destroy this state and move on and move to other states that they can ruin. KEEP LIBERALS OUT OF TEXAS.

  • Debbie

    The only One Who can bring justice to this horrific situation is God…I personally will storm heaven with prayers for restoration and healing to this abused and unjust situation.

  • Well, I completely agree that this is ridiculous, and although I hate to sound hard, how does someone molest/rape your child for SIXTEEN years…and you dont know about it? I’m sorry, but something just doesn’t seem right.

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