Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion as Murders Top N.Y.’s


Chicago is practically a gun free zone. Yet, it’s got a soaring gun murder rate. The ferocious anti-2nd amendment MYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, uses to directly advocate against 2nd amendment rights. A piece attempts to argue that murders cost Chicago $2.5 billion a year and that’s just another reason to strip folks everywhere of their 2nd amendment rights. Bloomberg reports:

 All told, shootings cost Chicago $2.5 billion a year, or about $2,500 per household, according to Jens Ludwig, director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab. Many of those costs are intangibles, Ludwig said, like keeping people from going outside or letting their children walk to school.

Chicago Bleeding

Nationwide, the crime lab estimates, gun violence costs $100 billion, roughly the salaries of 2 million police officers.

Chicago, the third-largest U.S. city, last year recorded a homicide rate more than three times New York City’s and double that of Los Angeles. It also had about 900 more non-fatal shootings than New York despite having a third as many residents.

Interestingly, gun violence is always highest in cities with weak 2nd amendment rights.

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