Chicago Teachers Union featured as face of Socialism 2013 conference


CHICAGO – The Socialism 2013 Conference agenda is out! And look who made the cover of the program? Not Che, not Mao, not Lenin, Stalin or Marx.

The honor went to the Chicago Teachers Union!

Since the early days of the Occupy movement in October 2011, the ties between radical revolutionary organizations and the CTU have become very clear. EAGnews documented the relationship between the CTU and radical anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian, who trained the teachers in “non-violent direct action” and showed the how to stage and coordinate phony arrests with the Chicago Police Department.

In 2012, the CTU began to set the stage for the its now infamous strike by conducting several massive protests, shutting down Chicago’s loop on several occasions.

I captured union Vice President Jesse Sharkey on film, leading the teachers in actions that directly emulated those of the Occupy Movement.

Read the rest at EAG

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