Councillor compares disabled children to deformed lambs who he thinks should be put down


A 68-year-old councillor who said disabled children should be ‘put down’ sparked further controversy today by comparing them to deformed lambs who need to be culled.

Cornwall Council veteran member Collin Brewer said children with disabilities should only be allowed to live after the cost has been evaluated – much like farmers who kill the runt of the litter.

Independent Mr Brewer stood down earlier this year after he claimed disabled children could be put to death to save taxpayers’ money.

He later apologised and quit the council – but then won back his seat in this month’s local elections earlier this month.

But he now faces fresh calls to permanently step down after making more outrageous comments, saying ‘there may be a case’ for treating disabled children like deformed livestock.

He told the Disability News Service that runt lambs are often put down by farmers who deal with them by ‘smashing them against a wall’.

He said: ‘If they [farmers]have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang.’

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