Flag Stomping Teacher Paid Over $100,000 To Resign


Scott Compton was an English teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina.  He is also known for being an outspoken liberal and has been warned about keeping his political views out of the classroom.

However, last December, Compton let his liberalism loose in three of his classes when he took the American flag down and stomped on it in front of his students.  He told them that it’s just a piece of cloth and that it doesn’t mean anything.  A number of parents were upset when they heard what happened and they in turn launched complaints with the school.

When school administrators learned of the classroom displays, they immediately placed Compton on long-term suspension and launched an investigation.  A substitute teacher was brought in to replace Compton in his classes for the remainder of the school year.

Since then, it seems that Compton hired an attorney and threatened to launch a legal challenge to his suspension.  His threat evidently sparked fear and weakness in the backbones of the school district as they have rushed in to placate Compton’s threat.

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