Legalized immigrants would receive $592,000 more in benefits than they pay in taxes


On Monday, The Heritage Foundation released its highly anticipated report on the cost to taxpayers of legalizing the 11 million illegal immigrants, as proposed in the “Gang of Eight’s” immigration reform bill.

According to the conservative think tank, “the average adult unlawful immigrant would receive $592,000 more in government benefits” than he or she would pay out in taxes over the course of their lifetime, and the net cost will be at least $6.3 trillion.

Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector’s examination of the long-term costs focused on Obamacare, Social Security, other entitlements, and the more than 80 means-tested assistance programs.

Rector further estimated that the typical illegal immigrant, if legalized, would live for 50 years and by retirement would pull in $3 in Social Security and Medicare for every dollar paid in Federal Insurance Contribution Act taxes.

Read the rest at the Daily Caller

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