Love of God – the path of protection for your children.


Kevin, a young teenage boy has an opportunity to be alone with Tiffany, a girl with a reputation of being sexually active. If he thinks that he might get caught and his parents will find out, or that he might get a sexually-transmitted disease, he might decide not to be alone with her. However, suppose she entices him into thinking that no one will find out (see Proverbs 7) and that a little fun never hurt anyone. Then, he might be persuaded to be alone with her.

Kevin’s problem is that he is being motivated by perceived consequences rather than how he can love God. Selfishly deciding not to be with Tiffany because of negative consequences will ultimately lead to his undoing just as much as if he did decide to be with her.  Fear of consequences does not have the power to guard our hearts. Deciding to do the right action for selfish motives will only act as precursor to becoming a person who is interested only in pleasing himself.

Parents, even though it takes more time and is often upsetting to daily routines, do what is necessary to reach the heart.  The love of God and his word is the only real protection  from the temptations of this world.

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