Mommy, will a tornado come to our house?


Your children may have questions about the destructive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma this past Monday.  Your answer to these questions will impact the way your children think about God.

When something good happens like an unexpected gift or news that a biopsy was benign, it is not difficult to say that God is good. When someone who is obviously evil  experiences judgement it is also easy to talk about the goodness and justice of God.  But what about when the third massive tornado strikes the same town in 15 years?  This  third storm, an EF5 tornado, leveled neighborhoods and took the lives of children in their elementary school. Is God still good and just? What do you tell your children?

Deuteronomy 6:5-7 applies just as much to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, as it does to every other event of life. Remember, the emphasis of the love of God and his commands is to overwhelm the heart of the parent / teacher. Children are to be taught from a heart that desires to bring honor to God above all else. If you are unsure about God’s goodness regarding events like this recent tornado, you will give your kids an uncertain view of God’s rule in this world.

We live in a world that is in rebellion to God. All of the calamities that befall people stem from consequences of man’s rejection of God’s rule in his life. But, what about those who live in Moore and their children? Were they so evil that God decided to bring destruction upon them?

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