Obama Failing Veterans Caught in Benefits Backlog


A long-growing backlog of U.S. military veterans’ disability claims, which has stoked congressional anger, has dipped in recent weeks, however tentatively.  But that is not taking any pressure off President Barack Obama, his Department of Veterans Affairs or the Pentagon to fix a system that has left veterans waiting – sometimes for years – to get answers from the U.S. government about their disability claims.

Obama Saturday, in his weekly presidential address this Memorial Day weekend, lauded the military and its service to America, and said veterans deserve support.

“We must do more than remember,” said the president. “We must care for the loved ones that our fallen service members have left behind. We must make sure all our veterans have the care and benefits they’ve earned, and the jobs and opportunity they deserve.

“We must be there for the military families whose loved ones are in harm’s way – for they serve as well. And above all, we must make sure that the men and women of our armed forces have the support they need to achieve their missions safely at home and abroad.”

Still, warnings from Congress are growing more acute. Senator Barbara Mikulski, chairwoman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee and a Democrat said she will look at ways to force action.

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