Obama Wouldn’t Authorize Marines To Go To Benghazi, But Demands They Protect Him & Islamist From The Rain


It’s become clear now after months of speculating that Barack Hussein Obama is the one that gave the order to stand down when he could have authorized Marines to protect American lives in order to protect his political backside. However, Obama doesn’t have a problem ordering Marines to stand holding umbrellas over him and the Turkish Prime Minister. It’s simply shameful and a disgrace to our Marines.

Freedom Fighter Radio writes,

Obama and Erdogan have condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria by Assad. Why wont Obama condemn Erdogan’s use of chemical weapons? The answer is Erdogan is his Muslim brother!

But they both failed to address how that Turkey Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds in 2009.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan represents the triumphant Janus-faced approach to the fundamentalist global “Islamic revival. He and his pious forbears have now completed dismantling Turkeys secular experiment, and achieved the full-throated re-Islamization of Turkish society, an insidious process begun already within the decade after Ataturks death, in 1938.

When currying favor with gullible Western audiences, Erdogan burbles disingenuous ecumenical platitudes about the Alliance of Civilizations.

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