The Alarming Rate At Which Christianity Is Being Replaced By Islam


Millions of Americans fail to realize that what happens in Great Britain generally happens here in America a few years later.

The hippie and free love movement back in the 1960s started in Great Britain and quickly spread to our shores, especially the western shores of California.  Around the same time, the Beatles surfaced and changed the sound of music in our country.

National Health Care was launched in Great Britain long before anyone thought it would materialize here, but alas, thanks to Barack Obama, we once again have followed the trodden path of the British.

In the 1980s, the number of Christians in Great Britain began to decline.  Church congregations in many areas became so small that they had to close the church and sell the buildings.  Some of those church buildings were converted into pubs, some hotels and others into mosques.

A close friend of mine lives in Great Britain and has told me on more than one occasion that he has seen many Christian churches close their doors in the past decade.  What he found to be quite alarming is that in some areas, almost all of the Christian churches have been converted into Muslim mosques.  Entire communities and some towns have been completely taken over by Muslims, often driving out Christian families that have lived there for generations.

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