The Beast That Devoured America


I enjoy watching science fiction when I get the chance and sometimes I even enjoy those hokey B movies because they make me laugh.  From Godzilla to Tentacles to Jaws, there have been beasts on the silver screen and television that have terrorized our nation and devoured thousands of people.  In some fiction movies the beasts are created by some bad and evil scientist, and then released to wreak havoc on the general population.

But it’s all been fiction, until now.

In 2009 President Barack Obama and his team of evil liberals began to create a beast that is more powerful, dangerous and deadly than any beast we’ve ever seen in the movies. In 2010 the beast was released on the general population of America. At that time it was still not fully grown and did not present as much danger as it does now.

In 2013 the beast is almost full-grown. It has started to wreak havoc and destruction and even death throughout the streets, homes, businesses and medical institutions across the land. The effects of this beast are already being felt in the economy, jobs and health of our nation and its people.

Come January 1, 2014 the beast will be full-grown. Its size is immeasurable. Its effects are lethal. Its reach is from coast to coast and so encompassing that no man, woman or child will escape its grasp.

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