The Fall of Marco Rubio


Winston Churchill said: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” If one wants to excel, and be recognized in any field, one must reach for the heights of greatness to even get a shot. We live in a world where the bar has been set so high in many respects that achieving greatness requires extraordinary gifts. For example, the race for President begins earlier every cycle; those vying for the nomination are scrutinized more critically; and the bar for candidacy is set higher. Throughout the Republican nomination process, I moved from one candidate to another in an instant, because I would discover something that I perceived to be a fatal flaw. I understand now that as human beings, politicians will never be flawless; but sometimes, it seems like Conservatives willfully terminate their candidacy. Example: Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio raced to the front of the pack in many minds for the 2016 Republican nomination following his star turns at the convention, and throughout the 2012 Presidential campaign. For all intents and purposes, he was the candidate I was looking forward to supporting in 2016. He had all the prerequisites: he is pro-life (my biggest concern), fiscally sound, a defender of the second amendment, and he possesses numerous other qualities that are attractive to a staunch Conservative, like myself.

Then came the Gang of Eight immigration deal; and thus began the fall of Marco Rubio. Within the short span of a few months, my enthusiasm for Rubio has plummeted, due entirely to his foolishness in regard to the new immigration bill. In his misguided efforts to compromise, he has helped craft a worthless bill, that doesn’t even appeal to Democrats! How he managed that, I am still not sure. Marco Rubio fell into the trap of naïveté.
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