Two Seven-Year-Old Boys Suspended for Pretending Pencils Are Guns


Do you have boys?  Have you been around any young boys in your lifetime?  Parented them?  Are you proud of their differences from girls, understanding that God has designed them uniquely to function as protector, as leader and as masculine?  Or, are you a panty-waist liberal who shudders at the thought of a boy acting like a boy…pretending to be a grown man, a hero, a savior of someone in need?

Apparently, as in most public schools today, Virginia doesn’t want boys who act like boys.  Rather than understanding the real threats amongst us:  Disarming the people,  illegal aliens, the infiltration of Islam in America, and Marxism, we make the “target” young white males role-playing the real life battle of good vs evil.

At this point, I have five boys, and even the youngest boy who is currently about 11 months, shows a male side.  Taking a play hammer and beating it on a play tool set is a boy thing to do.  Playing with a pretend gun seems to be innately born into them.  In fact, even some mothers I know who decidedly attempted to instill femininity into their boys by removing any “male dominated” play items, have found their toddler and preschool sons acting out fight scenes and using their fingers to simulate pretend guns in imaginative play.

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