Want to See Black Racism?


In the Liberal black community–the tribe–there is only ONE right way: TOTAL submission to the tribal leader. It doesn’t matter if Obama is wrong, which is MOST of the time, the role of a tribe member is to follow the chief, off the cliff if ordered.

Rev. Kevin Johnson, senior pastor of Bright Hope Baptist Church in North Philadelphia and alumni of the famed Morehouse College has been uninvited to speak at his alma mater after criticizing Obama in an opinion column.

Rev. Johnson, a prominent black pastor wrote, ”A President for Everyone, Except Black People,” in the Philadelphia Tribune. In the column he rightfully criticized Obama for failing to appoint members of the black community to cabinet positions in his administration, and for his failure to address issues of poverty in the community. There is certainly plenty of evidence that blacks have made no gains under the black president, and in fact have fared far words.

That aside, the issue those on the Left should be concerned with is their amazingly intolerant behavior against their own.

Rev. Johnson has been and remains an Obama supporter. So the fact that he is being reprimanded for his opinion SHOULD bother Liberals. Liberals seem to have a real fear of the truth.

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