Why is Arabic on my Makeup?!


Al Jazeera is in my living room, on my TV. I did not order it or ask for it. Arabic is on my makeup, all of a sudden. I don’t know what it says. It could say “Death to the Infidel” for all I know, like, the Imam’s Muslim prayer that covertly damned our soldiers at the Navy SEAL Team 6 funeral in 2011. Why was a Muslim cleric at that funeral?

Aren’t we fighting terrorism? Aren’t terrorists killing us? Aren’t all the terrorists Muslim?

Islam seeks world domination. Islam is not just a religion. It is a military and political system. Ex-FBI John Guandolo’s book, Shariah the Threat contains documents taken from the raid of a terrorist cell showing the Muslim Brotherhood’s written plan of civilization jihad, overtaking America, and their goal of global dominance, “the supremacy of shariah worldwide under a caliph.” Go to Shariah the Threat web site here. Download the book for free here.

Islam enlists followers by violence (if the persuasion “civilization jihad” doesn’t work) – you are killed if you leave the religion, and killed if you don’t convert. You can also pay a fee and be a slave. (“Civilization jihad” means slipping into a society quietly and becoming part of the fabric until you have total control.)

Knowing this, (I did attend a 6 hour briefing at the Capital on Islam) I was shocked to suddenly find Arabic writing on my favorite makeup container.

For a crash course on sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood go here.

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