A Letter to Fatherless America


Dear America,

Your numbers of fatherless are numbing. So staggering are they both pachyderm and pack animal should blow and bellow. But they don’t because in their constant tug-of-war for dominance over a declining culture the dust they kick up obscures the truth that you are saying because fatherhood is dying.

For all time it is true: fathers are indispensable to the health of nations because fathers are indispensable to the health of families.

And yet, the ideals of manliness and fatherhood within your boarders have become so alien as to be a source of ridicule and scorn by the enlightened minds of the political and cultural landscape. Fatherhood has been shunned from your shores as an embarrassment from a retrograde and antiquated era.

Today, in your progressive epoch, you celebrate the rise of the androgynous.

The androgynous—the amalgamation of manliness and femininity; the potpourri of father-motherhood—this is the pioneering purpose in America today.

It is little wonder then that four out of ten—forty percent—of all your children are born to unwed mothers . . . born fatherless. And it is little wonder then that you care so little.

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