A little Sandusky in every high school


Jerry Sandusky became the face of national shame when arrested and charged for 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys. The nation cheered when the serial pedophile was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Little did the nation know the same thing happens in many public schools, only worse: young boys themselves assault and even sodomize other young boys, even with foreign objects, and in a third of cases with the coaches’ knowledge.

It happens alarmingly frequently, according to a study done by the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. In this particular study, “Ten percent of high school boys report being victims of rape, forced oral sex and other sexual assault,” as a Boston University news outlet (WBUR) reports. But when also including forced boy-on-boy kissing and touching, the figure jumps to over a quarter.

Of course the study was just one school district in Michigan. “Our schools are different,” right?

Not likley:

High-school hazing and bullying used to involve name-calling, towel-snapping and stuffing boys into lockers. Now, boys sexually abusing other boys is part of the ritual. More than 40 high school boys were sodomized with foreign objects by their teammates in over a dozen alleged incidents reported in the past year, compared with about three incidents a decade ago, according to a Bloomberg review of court documents and news accounts. . . .

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