A Living Constitution Will Kill Us in the End


There has been a great debate going on for about a century about whether the Constitution was carved in stone or was a “living document.”

In 2006, Elliott Minsberg, the vice president of the ultra lefty group “People for the American Way” said, “It was the framers intent that the Constitution would adapt to changing circumstances.” In other words, a living Constitution.

Most would be surprised that, in my opinion, the founders (I’m guessing) as well as I would agree with Mr. Ginsberg although I guarantee they would not agree with his method of change.

Most conservatives wish to govern by the Constitution and the “original intent” of its crafters. I would agree with that, as would the founders (again, I’m guessing).

That same year Todd Gaziono of the Heritage Foundation said, “Original intent is the only legitimate means of interpretation under our written Constitution and all other philosophies are illegitimate.” Mr. Gaziono is also correct.

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