An era of new hope begins at Desert Trails Elementary, where ‘parent trigger’ changes will take effect


ADELANTO, Calif. – The last day of school at Desert Trails Elementary School was June 14. From this point forward, things will never be the same.

More than half the parents at the failing public school petitioned the school district under California’s “Parent Trigger” law to convert the elementary to a charter school, and the changeover begins this summer.

The conversion represents the state’s first successful implementation of the Parent Trigger law, passed by lawmakers in 2010, which gives parents the power to transform failing public schools to their own liking.

In October 2012, a majority of parents officially voted to reopen the school as Desert Trails Preparatory Academy under the leadership of Debra Tarver, who runs the successful LaVerne Preparatory Academy in neighboring Hesperia, the San Bernardino Sun reports.

“The teachers have been hired; I gave out the contracts last week,” Tarver told the newspaper.

The new school has enrolled about 500 students so far. Officials believe most of the 620 students currently attending Desert Trails Elementary will be back next year.

Some teachers and school officials at Desert Trails Elementary will disperse to different district schools, while others will be laid off, the San Bernardino Sun reports. The report did not say if any of the existing teachers will be brought back, but it’s clear a significant percentage of the staff will be new.

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