Audit ordered of California agency after child taken from parents


An investigation is under way that will review Child Protective Services in California after the agency took a six-month-old child from his parents.

Sammy Nikolayev is now back in the custody of his parents, Anna and Alex, and the case has set off protests against CPS and calls for a review of regulations.

In a bipartisan vote, California lawmakers on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted to initiate a statewide audit of CPS, according to press reports.

Sammy Nikolayev, who has a heart murmur, was admitted in April to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento with flu-like symptoms. His mother said she was concerned by the care he was given, and then a doctor said the child needed open heart surgery immediately.

“They told us we need to do surgery right away, and we want[ed]to have a second opinion from a second doctor from a different hospital, and I took my son,” Anna Nikolayev told KGO-TV, an ABC affiliate in San Francisco.

Anna and Alex Nikolayev took their child from the hospital, without a proper discharge, and went to second hospital, Kaiser Parmanente Medical Center, to get a second opinion.

A doctor at Kaiser told the family it was safe to take Sammy home, even making it official in writing, according to press reports.

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