Benghazi Scandal Takes Another Turn Against Obama and Clinton


It seems that in the wake of the IRS and NSA scandals that the Benghazi scandal has almost been forgotten.  However the recent admission of Martin Dempsey, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, is certain to bring it all back into the limelight.

In the weeks following the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the US Consulate grounds in Benghazi, The White House and State Department both said that there were no troops or Special Forces that could have reached the consulate in time to help them, even though there were reports that said otherwise.

Now we learn that both the White House (Obama) and the State Department (Clinton) were again lying to the American people.  According to a statement from Dempsey, a highly trained team of Special Forces, C-110, were within a few hours of Benghazi.  The consulate reported that they were under attack early on and the attack lasted over 8 hours.  If Dempsey is telling the truth, the Special Forces unit could have been there and possibly save the lives of the four Americans.

Dempsey tried to protect the White House and State Department by first saying that the Special Forces unit was more than 6 hours away and that was only if they were setting on the tarmac at the time.  He did acknowledge that the unit was training in Croatia.  A large commercial jet liner can make the trip in about two and half hours, and sources close to the unit said they could have loaded up and flown to Benghazi in about four to four and half hours.

He also testified that the Special Forces unit had been told to begin preparations to leave Croatia to return to the base in Germany.  If that were true, then they would have already been preparing their gear for transport which would have cut their arrival time to Benghazi down.

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  • picomanning

    Was the State Department failure to protect our U.S. Consulate grounds and personnel intentional, or was it a sickening incompetence? No attempt was made.

    Either way, why would Congress tolerate this? What am I supposed to think about my government in order to resolve my feelings about this? The fact that my government lied to me over this sickens me. We would expect this behavior from spoiled children, but when the so called responsible leaders of the free world commit this crime of trust then we should be rightfully frightened. If government cannot discipline itself then we must reconsider our relationship with our government. This is how a government leans itself into tyranny. Small rationalizations of bad behavior become practiced into the character of the government. If government acts in opposition to truth then who can trust government? This government is behaving as an enemy of the people. The consequence is that the people should acknowledge this. If the character of government is not self-corrected, as our founders imagined and hoped, then it must be understood that government acts against the objectives of the people. The virtues of American democracy are mocked by our very government.

    • David N Polister

      I think you’ve hit on pay off the issue. The progressives act like spoiled children and bullies when they don’t get their way. Or if you just don’t agree with their non logic.

  • DawnDale

    Just how much more is required before all this “commenting” actually makes change real? Our State Dept. has been a problem for many years, in fact, this is exposed in so many books written since Reagan was in office. What do we have to do to put the brakes on this desecration of what should be an honorable government?

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