“Common Core”: The ObamaCare of Education


It sends shivers down the spines of freedom loving individuals. It is the Obamacare of education with its national standards and testing and its one-size-fits-all government model.

While the implementation of the Common Core curriculum is new, the passion for and the idea of national education has been burning in the hearts of progressives for more than a century.

Many people blame George W. Bush for Common Core. After all Common Core is just the natural extension of Bush’s “No Child Left Behind,” resulting in the progression to Obama’s “Race to the Top.”

“Race to the Top” was simply a bribe offered to cash poor states during the recession to entice them to accept the Common Core curriculum. Just imagine the federal government saying to the states: “You may have this pile of money to help your state through these tough times.” “Great,” reply the states. “What do we have to do?” “Oh, not much,” say the feds. “Just accept these national education standards and teach exactly what we dictate with no possibility of change or adjustment to the curriculum. That’s all.”

“Oh, is that all? We’ll take the cash and worry about the ramifications later,” say the states.

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