Faith on a wire – on balance


After having an evening to reflect on Nik Wallenda’s stunning wire walk across the Grand Canyon, here are a few points to consider along with the last post.

First Point – You are only as safe as God wants you to be.

The truth is that whether you are walking on a 2 inch cable 1,500 feet above ground or walking across the street you are equally dependent upon God for safety. I can hear someone saying, “come on, there is a big difference between crossing the Grand Canyon and crossing the street.” No, not really. Each second, heartbeat, and step occurs because of the will of God.

Safety is not primarily a matter of location. Safety is connected to the will of God. This does not diminish our responsibility, but it does affirm our complete dependence upon God.

Second Point – There are no big and little moments in life.

Every moment is a moment where we can choose to honor God or honor ourselves. This makes every moment a big moment. It appears that Nik Wallenda’s walk was a big moment. I know that I was impressed. In contrast, God is impressed with his own creation and the billions of stars that do his bidding.

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