Feds announce ‘redesign’ of public high schools as Obama attacks Catholic education


WASHINGTON, D.C. – To all conservative Common Core supporters who claim the initiative is state-led, please pay attention. And to all liberals who support parochial schools, you might want to pay attention, too.

On June 7, the federal Department of Education announced its plan to “redesign” all government high schools in America.

Creating yet another federal enticement program – this time called the “High School Redesign Initiative” – the feds will offer “competitive grants to local educational agencies” to do such things as “redesign academic content and instructional practices” as well as “strategically use learning time in more meaningful ways,” whatever that actually means.

Similar to the feds using Common Core “state” standards to exercise a greater role in state and local education, this initiative will once again employ the persuasive power of the federal government to affect the culture of local schools and what they should teach. It follows the natural progression of creating a national education system.

So while the Obama administration is promoting the standardization of what should be taught, the centralized education bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. is also promoting the standardization of the schools themselves.

Meanwhile, President Obama took to the podium in Ireland yesterday to attack Catholic education – to a room full of Catholics!

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