Hot Mic Catches Egyptian Leaders Speaking Truth: ‘Our War is With America, Israel’


Money can’t buy me love, the Beatles song goes.

The Obama Administration recently proved the wisdom of those words by sending another wad of cash — $1.3 billion — last month to the ungrateful leader of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, whom we helped put in office.

Last week, Morsi gathered a group of Egypt’s political leaders, including members of his cabinet and the legislature for a meeting to discuss ways to stop a Nile dam project being undertaken by Ethiopia.

Apparently under the impression that the meeting was being kept secret, a number of the politicians called the dam plans a secret project of America and Israel. They also discussed ways to destroy the dam and possibly funding an insurgency in Ethiopia.

Unfortunately for the Egyptian leadership, the meeting was being broadcast live on a state-run channel, and the transcript was later translated into English by the Middle East Media and Research Institute, according to a New York Times blog.

Before being informed that the meeting was being transmitted, Islamic Labor Party Chairman Magdi Ahmad Hussein said everybody at the meeting must vow not to leak information to the media.

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