Political Correctness: Subjective Virtue


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Subjective Virtue
One of the books I have been reading is by Anthony Browne and is called The Retreat of Reason (2006).  The subtitle is “Political correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain.”  It is amazing to me how there are so many out there who seem to understand the problem, yet there are more who are happy to deny it.  All following quotes are taken from his book.

As I have said before, cultural Marxism (as opposed to economic Marxism) is something that has been advancing throughout American society.  However, it first took root in British society.

Browne states, “Political correctness started as a study of cultural Marxism in Germany in the 1920s, and was adopted by the 1960s counter culture, eager to promote tolerance and alternatives to the conservative values of the time.

Browne notes though how quickly political correctness became part of and took over academia in the US.  After going full circle throughout the West, he states that in 1997, “Britain became governed for the first time by a government largely controlled by politically-correct ideology.

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