Preparing for the Summer of 2013


Summer is upon us, again.  But this summer has the potential to be different. In addition to the normal summer themes of heat, vacations, what to do with the kids, hurricanes and other storms, there is a growing cultural instability that is about to reach critical mass. The supreme court will rule sometime next month regarding same-sex marriage. Regardless of the decision that is reached turmoil will follow. Apart from a massive turning to Christ, we must accept the reality that our culture views marriage as a relic of the past.

The human race was founded on the building block of marriage. God gave the creation mandate in Genesis 1:26-28 to male and female with the command to go forward and occupy and control the earth. Genesis 2:20-25 shows that the marriage of male and female would provide the structure to subdue the earth for the glory of God.

The stability of society is directly connected to marriage. (Just to be clear, single folks also draw their stability from having marriage be the social cornerstone.)  Discard the biblical concept of marriage and chaos will result. Humans are not designed to function socially apart from marriage being the primary social building block.

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