Schools conducted iris scans on students as young as six without permission (Photos)


Three schools in Polk County, Fla have had to cancel a new program after the schools subjected their students to iris scans without informing any parents. Reports were confirmed Wednesday that Daniel Jenkins Academy, a high school, Davenport School of the Arts, a middle school, and Bethune Academy, an elementary school, planned a pilot scan program with a security program and the schools allowed officials from Stanley Convergent Security Solutions to take iris scans of an unknown number of students. Parents of the students were sent a letter on Friday, May 24, although the letters were dated for delivery the day before. The letters stated that the scanning program would begin on May 20, and allow for students to opt out. However, all students were scanned before any letters were sent home.

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Parents began contacting the schools when their children came home Friday evening. Unfortunately, all staff at the school had stopped answering phone calls at 4 p.m. (roughly one hour after the students leave the school) and, with Monday being Memorial Day; parents were unable to confirm that this had already happened until Tuesday.

Rob Davis, senior director of support services for the district, stated that the notification letter being sent out after the scans were completed was a mistake, due to a secretary who had a medical emergency. Davis stated that the unauthorized scans were conducted on May 22 and 23. Schools were notified that Stanley Convergent Security Solutions was coming, but not the parents.

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