Sessions Warns Senate Poised to Vote on Immigration Bill “NO ONE HAS READ”


A top Senate Republican sounded the alarm ahead of a major test vote on Monday that could clear the way for passage of a sweeping immigration overhaul, saying the chamber is about to vote on a bill “no one has read.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who for months has been fighting against the bill, accused the Senate of rushing to vote on the legislation amid a late push to modify it. At issue is a border security amendment being touted by supporters as a bipartisan compromise that could attract a large majority.

But Sessions accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of cramming the amendment into the rest of the “1,200-page” bill with the goal of advancing the legislation late Monday afternoon.

“The Majority Leader’s motion will stifle amendments and accelerate the vote on final passage before anyone has vetted the modified legislation,” Sessions said in a statement.

Sessions took to the Senate floor on Monday afternoon to complain that the updated language was only filed Friday.
“This is exactly what happened with ObamaCare,” Sessions said.

Reid, meanwhile, declared that “the immigration bill will pass with Democratic and Republican votes.”

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