UCLA Professor: Gun Control Can’t Stop a Madman


With calls for more gun control following the horrible crime in Santa Monica on June 7, UCLA Professor Adam Winkler offers this bit of reasoned advice: “I don’t think there’s any gun control law we can adopt that’s gonna stop a crazed madman from killing a lot of people.”

Speaking to KNX 1070 Newsradio, Winkler also addressed concerns that “gun free zones” provide would-be killers with large, vulnerable groups of unarmed people: “There’s certainly some logic to it… if more people are armed, there’s likely to be someone who might stand up and defend themselves.”

As Breitbart News reported on June 8, shooters like the one in Santa Monica or Newtown target gun free zones without fear of retribution–they are confident their victims cannot shoot back.

Perhaps a state or federal politician will hear the “logic” in what Professor Winkler has said. More gun laws will never stop a madman, but “if more people are armed” someone may be able to defend life.

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