UK Targets Disabled for Euthanasia as a Cost-Saving Measure


In a chilling story by Rebekah Maxwell, people with disabilities in the UK are being targeted to be euthanized based on what she claims is the almighty dollar.

From Do No Harm: Doctors Killing Disabled People?:

“But a much more practical motivation also exists, and it goes ka-ching. In a land of nationalized health care, every worker pays into the system, so everybody can access the system. But some people are too weak, too old, too disabled to work. Yet they still need medical treatment, draining the system of resources without contributing to the pot.

No longer does the UK have to be concerned with passing laws to allow physicians to kill those who “want to die”. Things have now deteriorated to the point that physicians in their health care system are deciding on their own to kill the medically vulnerable.

“According to a government-commissioned study, hospitals in the UK are quite literally killing off disabled citizens–because the healthcare workers believe those patients aren’t worth treating.”

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