Was Ambassador Stevens Poisoned?


All of America has seen the horrific pictures of Ambassador Chris Stevens being drug from the Benghazi compound on September 11, 2012.

But now an al Qaeda terrorist, Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin, has posted online that the Ambassador was murdered with a lethal injection in a kidnapping gone awry. The posting has not been authenticated nor confirmed, however, the FBI and State will not contradict the assertion.

Bill Gertz, writing for the Washington Free Beacon:

The House report, “Interim Progress Report for the House Republican Conference,” said “Libyan doctors tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Ambassador Stevens upon his arrival at the hospital.”

To date, no official cause of death for Stevens has been made public, although it was reported that a Libyan doctor who examined Stevens said he died from apparent smoke inhalation and related asphyxiation.

Read the rest at the Black Sphere

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