Watching The Erosion Of America Before Our Very Eyes


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can say that I am not the inanimate doorknob on the bathroom door. Per the Daily Caller and the Blaze, the IRS is requesting video surveillance equipment to support its mission; Obama is chastising opposition to the “new” immigration bill while entertaining the idea to allow 1.6 million Syrian refugees into the country; the majority of the American public doesn’t mind the government is spying on them; Boehner condemns the NSA whistle-blower as a traitor; female White House staffers are paid less than men while Obama encourages company CEO’s to bring their female employees wages more in line with male employees; while every individual involved in the numerous scandals continuing to unfold under the Obama Administration lies not only to the Congress but the American public. Does anyone besides me see there is something definitely wrong with this picture?

In a recent poll, sixty-four percent of Democrat citizens and fifty-two percent of Republican citizens say they didn’t mind that the government is spying on them. I want to believe these pollsters found the most uninformed Americans to ask to respond to the survey. But, unfortunately, I can’t. I bet you can ask these people where do their rights come from and they will answer “The Constitution.” I bet others would too. However, our unalienable rights come from God and the Constitution limits the powers of civil government in order that we as a people would enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with as little intrusion as possible. I can count on both my hands individuals I know who actually know this. If these individuals think it’s okay for the government to spy on the American public, I would like to remind everyone those who violated the 4th amendment are people you do not know personally who know things about you that you never gave them permission to know.

So if that’s acceptable, I’ve got cameras and microphones I’m going to place in locations around America so I can monitor for activity that might jeopardize my safety. No, they say? If that’s unacceptable, what gives the government the right to usurp an unalienable God-given right? People need to think about that and see if they can get these liberal individuals to wrap their head around the concept that no one has the authority to usurp your God-given rights. Regardless of what the majority of the public may believe, want or accept, our founding fathers framed our government with the preservation of individual God-given rights in mind. The American people should not compromise their rights for the illusion of a bit of safety.

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