Why Are We Sending Ground Troops To Egypt? Unarmed?


Do you want the bad news or the worse news first? Reportedly, we are sending more than 400 soldiers to Egypt as “riot prevention” at the border of Israel. The Egyptian army has attempted to calm Egyptian concerns, in part by announcing the following:

“The 400 US soldiers coming to Egypt as mentioned in the media are part of the periodical renewal routine for the US faction of the 13-state multinational force deployed in Sinai since the peace treaty. They are not armed with military operations gear.”

If the soldiers were there to protect Americans from violence, I would have some positive feelings about their presence in Egypt. I don’t want a repeat of Benghazi. But how much can they really do without “military operations gear”?

The plan to send the troops seems based on the confidence that they will have to deal with riots and not much else:

“Training at Fort Hood for a nine-month deployment in the ‘near future’ concluded on June 20, KCEN-TV reports, noting that the soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and ‘other dangerous items’ in their training. ‘Just what I’ve seen over the course of the past week, this unit is already far more ready for this type of threat than we were last week,’ Lt. Matthew Wilkinson told the television station. According to KDH News, the training lasted about six months. ‘We want to be as professional as possible so that whatever situation we may encounter, [so]the opposing force knows that we mean business and we know what we’re doing,’ said PFC Perez Alexander. Troops from 13 nations, including the 400 from the US, will man posts and security checkpoints along the Sinai Peninsula, report any peace treaty violations between Egypt and Israel, and be prepared to respond to threats.”

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  • Brendajanetorres


  • TNFamily

    Continued depletion of our good troops all the while building up the brown shirt brigade.

    • mountaine

      I see this as our government throwing our men away ?!?!?
      b.o. doesn’t care for us at all, we have to throw his a$$ out of our white house !!!

      • MediaMike

        Obama hasn’t had an original thought since he left Kenya. It is the Repugnocrat leadership (really just one party) that is killing America, and they are controlled by the banks. Stop making bank deposits, and get a 30 day general work strike going in the US, and get your Republic back!

        • mountaine

          For the past 3 years (being 72 & 75) our checks go in on one day and the next day we take it out of the checking….we haven’t had a savings acct. in ten years ! We live one week to the next !!! If we can pay by cash we do. We have two charge cards and they get paid at the end of the month. We have to get the gangsters out of D.C…..we would be better off with the mafia !!!!

          • ESQ


          • MediaMike

            In that one day, the bank created (out of thin air) 90% of your check and called it “loans” where they also charge interest on the balance they created out of thin air.

            We have to CASH checks, not deposit them. It is your RIGHT to have the check mailed to you directly. Once it is deposited, it is too late.

          • Dan

            The Federal Gov no longer mails SS & SSI checks, those are only done as direct deposit. They are also implementing direct deposit for other checks that are made out. The day will probably soon come that income tax return checks are not mailed but only direct deposited.

          • MediaMike

            They don’t by default, but YOU have the right to have them mailed to you. You have to enforce your right to do so if you want to starve them of that check’s value x 10.

        • drthomasedavis

          Mike, do not be deceived. both parties are in cahoots, both seek only power and money. They will NOT disrupt the status quo. Character, Honesty and Godliness are virtues of the past. Until such time as We the People come together as real Americans under the umbrella of the Republic’s Constitution as it s written, we are doomed to second-class status.

          • MediaMike

            Maybe you’re not familiar, Tom, with the word “Repugnocrat.” That is the combination of both “parties” into one name. I understand full well the hegelian dialectic, the problem-reaction-solution and Delphi methods used by these guys. We can only beat them by ignoring them. We can only ignore them by not playing their game.

      • ESQ

        Quit using them $$$ signs! Say it exactly how you feel!

      • Sam

        It should have been thrown out a LONG time ago. How many more vacations do we send him, michael and the kids on at our cost? What is obamy pulling down a year in salary that he cannot pay for all these luxuries?

    • ESQ

      Yep! Boy did you hit that on the head!

  • mathis1689

    The reason why we’re sending unarmed troops to Egypt is really very simple. Obama is just following the Koran’s orders to kill infidels-in other words anybody who isn’t a Muslim. Since they’re unarmed his Islamic buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood will basically be shooting at sitting ducks.

  • drthomasedavis

    Unarmed Soldiers? Absolute BS, Muslims will see that as an opportunity to kill and take heads as trophies. Congress has no stomach for bringing Obama, Hillary, Panetta and others to trial for Treason and Murder. Now Obama the fake is sending more good Americans into harms way. A fool’s play.

    • ESQ

      Unbelievable! I wonder what is the amount of our Warriors that have left the Military on the account that the US AIN’T fight’n to win! I know a friends son that quit with 14 1/2 years because of our changing Military’s moral and ethical behavior! Our Warriors are worn slap out due to the multiple times they have been deployed into these War Zones! Battle fatigue is starting to Kill these great Warriors it seems by the dozens daily! All this tells me when will the President and the Congress attempt to reinstate the draft? People, don’t fall for it!

      • Kathie AmericanCitizen

        Not only are they sending troops in too many times, they are sending in troops with PTSD, multiple concussions, spaced out on drugs for these medical conditions, and now sending them in without weapons. I don’ think that even the UN Roe’s goes this far. Then they wonder why they break down and commit suicide or kill the enemies that have turned against them.

  • picomanning

    The American troops are going to Egypt as war bait. Tempt the enemy to draw first blood. Then Obama can pretend outrage and send a few battalions of special forces together with all the support troops and equipment to ‘protect’ them. This is how Progressives go to war. It’s kind of a JFK solution. (Remember Viet Nam)

    • Kathie AmericanCitizen

      This whole thing is so unbelievable, when is the military going to refuse their asinine orders to go into a war zone with no defense gear? It’s time for the higher ups to oust Panetta and save our troops. If this is the beginning of civil war, let it be.

      • tom721

        Panetta is no longer Sec.Def.

    • MediaMike

      JFK didn’t want the war, as he knew that the entire fiasco was purely to cultivate and control the opium trade there. McNamara was the one being directed by the illuminati to ramp up the SEAsia wars.

  • Fred_K

    This is another piece of evidence that the government is run by idiots who are insane as well. I do not see this turning out favorably.

  • Sam

    How many of our soldiers must die before we give the firearms to defend themselves? I really think NO soldier should die without a rifle in his/her arms.

  • Marlin208

    Is there anything this pos can do that will cause this country to go into action?

    • SRM29

      I sure wish so. The apathy of the general population sickens me. They tune out when it comes to politics. Those that do know how bad things are, yell and moan, but do squat. “Republicans this, democrats that, liberals this.”

  • babsan

    Obama’s friends The Muslim Brotherhood are the peace and love religiaon so they don;’t need weapons

  • chad

    Not sure about the “not armed” part. Maybe they just mean no tanks, rockets, etc. My nephew was stationed in the Sinai a few years ago while in the army for 6 months, not long after boot camp at ft. Henning. He said about all he did was rake sand and visited the Pyramids. Will have to ask him about being armed.

  • classicsforever

    Very simple. Our so-called leaders are idiots.

  • smalldog

    my son is one of them going!