Will your words save your child’s life?


Will your words save your child’s life?

Solomon thought so.

Throughout the Proverbs Solomon pleads with his son to cling fast to his words, for they are the words of life. A bit presumptuous, perhaps?

No, not really.

Solomon was confident because he knew he was bringing the words of God to his son. He had learned from his father that God’s words were more valuable than an immense fortune of silver and gold. And of course, since Solomon did have an immense fortune of silver and gold, he knew also from experience that David’s words were true.

Solomon’s confidence was not arrogance but reality. He combined commands with wisdom. He blended written commandments together with real-life scenarios that spoke deeply to his son. He spoke with a heart that loved God and his word above all else. There are no short cuts to effective parenting.

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