Arizona College Suspends Nursing Student for Wanting Classes Taught in English, Not Spanish


I lived in Arizona for 36 years and still believe that it is God’s country.  But sadly, it is quickly becoming northern Mexico, just like California, New Mexico and Texas are.  Hispanics are still illegally flooding over the border and turning many family friendly communities into neighborhoods of drugs, crime and lowering property values.

The neighborhood I lived in before moving to northern Kentucky in 1996 was still a nicely cared for family friendly neighborhood.  The stores in the area reflected the neighborhoods around them.  It was a great place to raise a family and live.  Last summer, I went back to Arizona to visit my parents that live up in the White Mountains.  Before heading back to the airport in Phoenix, I took time to drive through the old neighborhood.  I was shocked and saddened by what I saw, but warned about it by family and friends.

Virtually the entire neighborhood had been overtaken by Hispanics, with some homes housing over 20 individuals.  The yards looked terrible and trashy.  The cars in the driveways looked the same.  I stopped into the local grocery store where we had always shopped and found that it had not only changed its name, but it had also changed the items it carried.  Most of the signs in the store were in Spanish along with many of the labels.  I felt more like I was in Mexico rather than in America.  I was looked down on and obviously watched and shunned by those in the store.  In fact, I was the only non-Hispanic in the store.

Terri Bennett experienced a similar situation this year, only it may have ruined her chances of pursuing the nursing degree she wanted.

Bennett enrolled in the nursing program at Pima Community College in Tucson.  She soon found herself assigned to a small student group of which she was the only one where English was their first language.  They were supposed to work together, but all of the others spoke Spanish, not English and Bennett had no clue what was going on.  The class was asked to fill out anonymous evaluation forms and on her form, she wrote that she would prefer that there would be no Spanish spoken in the classroom.

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