Bank Forecloses on Wrong House Destroying Woman’s Possessions and Memories


Katie Barnett lives in McArthur, a small town of 1,700 people in south central Ohio.  She went away for two weeks.  When she returned, she tried to unlock the door with her key, but it wouldn’t open.  She walked around and managed to climb in through an open window.

Once inside her small home, she discovered that many of her possessions were gone and the house had been completely ransacked.  Some of her things lay destroyed on the floor.  She was shocked and horrified and called the police.  They came and launched an investigation.  A few weeks later, the McArthur police chief told her that the case had been closed.  They discovered that her house had been foreclosed by the First National Bank of Wellston.

Barnett was shocked, since that wasn’t her bank.  When she started to find out why a strange bank was foreclosing on her house, she learned that it should have been the house across the street.  Her address was 514 and the house across the street was 509.  The bank sent someone to the house to serve the foreclosure and take possession.  The person later admitted that yes, he had the address of 509, but his GPS took him to Barnett’s house and since the lawn hadn’t been mowed while she was away, he assumed that her house was the foreclosure.

They literally broke into her house and removed all of furniture, most of which was sold.  Many of her other possessions, including photos and keepsakes were also sold or trashed.  The entire house had been completely ransacked and then they put new locks on the doors.

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