Bill, Jill, Will and Lil


Bill and Will, have a problem. Bill borrowed Will’s commentary on Acts. However, Bill then set it down on his desk at home and soon forgot that he had it because his desk was covered with stacks of mail, papers, other books, McDonald’s bags, a bowling ball bag, an old T-shirt and several shopping lists.

After several weeks had passed, Will began to fume—and fumed some more. Where was his commentary?  He waited in vain. Day after day, Will began to think, “Why can’t Bill buy his own commentary? Why keep mine?” Will began to withdraw from Bill. He avoided him at church. Will reasoned that Bill would eventually get the message and return the commentary.

On the other hand, Bill wondered why Will was saying less and less to him. But then, Bill thought, Why borrow trouble? I haven’t done anything to Will, have I?

One day months later, Jill, Bill’s wife, was doing some shoveling in Bill’s office to help him straighten up (actually, Bill had been unable to reach his desk for several days and desperately asked for Jill’s help). Jill found Will’s commentary inside the bowling ball bag. She told Bill. Bill was chagrined. He called Will to inform him that he had just now found the commentary and that he would need to keep it a while longer to do the study for which he borrowed it in the first place.

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