Choosing Life for the Innocent


Earlier [last]week, a pro-life bill in the Texas legislature was killed by a Democratic filibuster.

The bill aimed to ban abortions beyond the twentieth week of pregnancy. The Democrats and leftists in general cried foul. They claimed the bill was going to roll back “women’s rights” forty years (as they always claim). The sexist woman-haters on the right were poised to destroy women’s healthcare, like they have always wanted.

Fortunately, Governor Perry, in the spirit of all woman-hating bigots, has called for a second special session of the Texas legislature to give this law another chance.

In addition to the filibuster, an angry mob tried to disrupt the vote, claiming they were the voices of the people. After all, it’s not like a majority of people, even pro-abortionists, see a five month old fetus as a child. Interestingly, many among the pro-choice crowd fear a slippery slope of anti-abortion legislation should particularly popular and/or common sense bills become law.

They’re right to have this fear. It’s a tactic that has worked time and again for issue after issue. I would like to see the right successfully utilize it in the abortion debate, the one issue that seems to be slowly creeping rightward.

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