Christ and parenting


The most important thing about parenting is being a Christian.

Why is this so important?

Because you sin against your children. You sinned yesterday. You sin today. You will sin tomorrow. Does that disqualify you from being a parent? No, and if you have recognized this pattern of sin in your life, then you have great hope as you continue on in the task of parenting that God has called you to.

You were not perfect when you became a Christian, and you are certainly not perfect now. Thankfully, the salvation that Christians have received is so powerful, so complete and awesome, that when you sin, God commands you to come and be renewed instead of turning from away from God.

What does this look like in everyday life? Here is an example:

You just became impatient with your nine-year-old. He was slow doing his part of the yard work. You snapped at him and told him if he didn’t work harder he would lose his computer privileges for six months.

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