Egyptian Pleads With Obama & America: “Leave Us Alone & Stop Supporting Terrorists”


Every American needs to see this video. I understand that this is just the views of one man but it contains more truth than you will get from most media sources. Those on the left do not trust right-wing media sources when we tell them that Barack Obama is in bed with terrorists. I can understand the apprehension. I am not really trusting of anything I see on MSNBC or CNN either. In truth most media sources have an agenda and arguing who is wrong or right seems to keep us locked into a downward spiral. We make no progress and don’t know where to turn for the thing we want most – the truth.

So where do you get the truth if you can’t get it from our media? You won’t get it from Al Jazeera. Several staffers just left them upon allegations of being forced to report stories in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. So my opinion is that taking the thoughts of one man may be more credible than any of the media sources we have at our disposal. So let’s hear the man out. This is Mazen Said and this is his message to Obama and Americans. The English starts 40 seconds into the video:


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