General Assembly overrides governor’s veto of concealed carry bill


SPRINGFIELD — Lawmakers made Illinois the last state to allow concealed carry of firearms in two quick votes Tuesday that formalized the deepening rift between Gov. Pat Quinn and the legislature.

The House and Senate voted to override Quinn’s amendatory veto of a legislative compromise aimed at satisfying a federal court deadline for legalizing some form of public possession of firearms. Illinois was the last state without some form of legal concealed carry, but the appeals court ruled late last year that the ban was unconstitutional.

While Tuesday’s court deadline for passing a law was a major motivating factor, the 77-31 House vote and 41-17 Senate roll call were more than a rejection of Quinn’s efforts to toughen the regulations — they were a repudiation of the Democratic governor’s leadership style by a Democratic-led legislature.

Quinn, who has said he will seek a second elected term as governor next year, found Democrats assailing his lack of direct involvement in the legislative negotiations that led to the compromise bill that originally passed the General Assembly on May 31— the final day of the spring session.

“It was all grandstanding and he should be ashamed of himself,” said Rep. Brandon Phelps, the Harrisburg Democrat who sponsored the override.

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