How to talk to your children about the verdict.


News headlines provide daily opportunities to tell your children about the King of the universe and how he runs his world. The announcement of the verdict in Sanford, Florida has made headlines. How do you interact with your children about this verdict? There is already anger, frustration, and calls for violence. Others are adamant that we must abide by the laws and by what appeared to be a fair trial; they say it’s time to move on.

But, these two perspectives are not the only ones and perhaps not even the most important ones to consider. There is a cultural / historical component that is intertwined with the verdict.  There is also the perspective of God’s faithfulness to honor his own covenant with man. It is this covenantal commitment that alone brings hope to those struggling with the verdict and how it is received. This is what you must help your children to grasp.

Let me explain.

I remember riding a city bus as a young boy. I was probably 7 or 8. Those were different times. Young children could safely ride a public bus by themselves. It was also a different time because this bus had a white line across the floor of the bus about two-thirds of the way back from the front. One day, as I sat down, I noticed an older woman standing because there were no seats left in the back section. Since my seat was near her and I had been taught that it was respectful to stand so that women could sit, I offered her my seat. I was immediately rebuked for doing what should not be done by a man sitting in the front section. So I continued to stand and she continued to stand until I reached my stop.

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