IRS Caught On Tape: Keep Your Faith To Yourself


In light of the recent scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, it’s come to light that they not only target Christians, conservative groups and other political enemies of the Obama administration, but they also want you to “zip it” when it comes to proclaiming your religious beliefs and they have been caught on tape telling Americans that they must “respect other people’s beliefs,” not be confrontational against other religious groups or devalue other religious groups. Seems that the Federal agency that is to remain neutral due to the First Amendment is overstepping its bounds

Alliance Defending Freedom reports:

Pro-Life Revolution is a Texas-based organization dedicated to helping women in abusive pregnancy situations and presenting the truth about abortion.  Like all non-profit organizations, Pro-Life Revolution applied for tax-exempt status in January, 2011.  It filled out the necessary paperwork and described the charitable activities it undertook.  It expected to receive tax-exempt status with little difficulty.  What it didn’t expect was to be confronted with an IRS bent on silencing its pro-life viewpoint as a condition of obtaining tax-exempt status.

IRS agent Sherry Wan contacted the organization several times requesting more information and telling it on more than one occasion that it must remain “neutral” on the subject of abortion and that it could not “confront” other people with different beliefs on the subject.  At one point, Ania Joseph, President of Pro-Life Revolution recorded a phone call by Agent Wan who told Ania, “You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else.”  Ania told Agent Wan that simply handing a brochure to a woman was not forcing her religion on them.  Agent Wan told her in the phone call, “You have to know your boundaries. You have to know your limits. You have to respect other people’s beliefs.”

See the video at Freedom Outpost

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