‘Let’s Roll 2013’ to stage nationwide protests on Constitution Day


A group named after the words uttered by Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer on September 11, 2001, intends to stage nationwide protests on the 226th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution this September 17, two group organizers told Examiner Thursday.

“Let’s Roll 2013” says it’s not about partisan politics or political issues, but about educating voters about the Constitution and the rights it guarantees all Americans.

“This particular movement is about righting the ship, and to do that we have to get back to what made her great in the first place,” organizers said.

According to the group’s website, the U.S. government has become so large and bloated that it no longer represents the will of the people.  “It openly flaunts its contempt for our founding document. It no longer recognizes or upholds any laws that do not forward its political agenda. It targets We the People and seeks to force and impose its will upon us. And so, after 226 years, the time has come for true American Patriots to unite and rise again to stand against tyranny and oppression, as the Founding Fathers did,” the site adds.

The group also says that its members are “heartsick” over the general state of the nation.  “Our rights are trampled daily. Our government has allowed and promoted evil to overrun our land and our lives. Lives have been lost as a direct result of the actions of our politicians and their appointees. Morale among Americans is at an all-time low, as are jobs, the economy, civil rights, and trust in the government, while unemployment, entitlements, national deficit, racial tension and division, and illegal immigration are at an all-time high. Scandal after scandal chips away at our faith in our leaders,” the website says.

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