Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Says US Government Is ‘Like a Morbidly Obese Individual’


Criticizing the U.S. government as having become too big, neurosurgeon and conservative star Dr. Benjamin Carson likened it to “a morbidly obese individual,” who could do well with shedding a few pounds.

“Government has a natural tendency to grow and as it grows it requires more and more resources and where do those resources come from? The people,” said Carson in a recent interview with The Daily Caller.

“Right now government is like a morbidly obese individual who they can’t even get up and move but they need a lot of calories to maintain themselves and that comes from everybody around them,” he noted.

“They would be much leaner and meaner and effective if they could lose some of that weight and that’s the same thing that would happen with our government,” he explained.

Asked what he would do in the next few months if he were head of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Carson said he would encourage Americans to speak up.

“The main thing I would do is try to help Americans…to recognize that they need to speak up for what they believe in. They should not allow themselves to be bludgeoned into silence by the secular progressive media and other people,” said Carson.

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