Open Letter to the Pro-Choice Woman


Dear American Free Woman,

Any chance you Still call yourself Pro-Choice? Of course you, American free woman, have the right to choose.

You can choose to align yourself with those who, in addition to demanding the ripping of a baby into pieces, eerily chant “Hail Satan,” send their children into rallies brandishing coat hangers, and the crème de la crème, carry on their persons what is considered vile and untouchable refuse.

IN THEIR PURSES!!! Today the Texas capitol police confiscated jars and bags of urine, feces, and used tampons from the pro-abortion crowd at the gallery. Ew. Presumably to be thrown onto the assembly after the vote. Double Ew.

Let me ask you this, American free woman, Do you stand shoulder to shoulder with Patty from Planned Parenthood with a Pocket full of Poop?  Or how about Nancy from NARAL and her nasty used bloodbomb in her hands? Are these people FOR REAL?

Yet, sadly, they are for real and they mean business. Their absurd attempts to be heard are WORKING!!! We HEAR YOU!!  Wanna know what we hear?

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